Meet our team

VM-3 Mill

Our VM-3 is a heavy duty mold making vertical mill with the accuracy, rigidity, and thermal stability required for tool and die work and high precision machinery. 

  • 30 HP, 12,000 RPM, 90 FT-LB torque spindle

  • 40.0" x 26.0" X-Y travel axis on a 54" x 24" table with 6 x 13 T-Slots and 4,000 LB capacity 

  • 500 IPM cutting, 710 IPM rapids

T5C Rotary

The T5C is a fourth and fifth axis rotary for improving cycle times and reducing setup time and error. 

  • Dual-axis tilting rotary with collet closer

  • True four and five axis rotation

DMG Mori
The DMU-50 Third Generation is our "hot-rod" milling machine. This brand new, simultaneous five axis powerhouse features a 20,000 RPM speedMASTER Spindle and CELOS software running the Simens 840D controller. 

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ST-10y Lathe

Our ST-10y Lathe is set up to do the the same functions as a Swiss machine. With automatic bar feeding, we can turn and mill small, complex parts with high precision.

  • Y-axis turning center

  • 1.75" bar capacity 

  • Y-axis milling, drilling, and tapping

  • Automatic Tool Presetter

  • Tailstock with Hydraulic Quill

Lathe Turret

X & Z axis work is done in addition to the main spindle with live tooling on the turret.

  • 10 Station turret 

  • 4,000 RPM Live Tooling

  • Rigid Tapping


The Keyence IM-7500 Instant Measurement System takes the variability, complexity and time out of part inspection.  We program the machine with your DXF file, input the dimensions and your tolerances and create a report in a matter of seconds.

  • Image dimension measurement system

  • Non-contact push button measurements

  • Automatic edge detection

  • Complete automatic inspection reports

  • Automatic Cp and Cpk

  • Trends and variations

  • Multiple part inspection