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Oh, they grow up so fast!

Happy One Year Anniversary, RX Industries! September 4th, 2021, marked our first full year of business on Hilton Head Island, and to celebrate, we bought ourselves some REALLY nice birthday presents.

Of course, we had a birthday party and invited our favorite friend, Paul Van Metre of ProShop ERP, which gave Mark and Tom a chance to show off our new building. We are excited to announce that we will be moving into a new facility in January 2022!

Tom, Paul, and Mark pose with swanky new building
Tom, Paul VanMetre of ProShop, and Mark at the future address of RXI

What's a birthday party without presents? As if a new building wasn't enough, RXI recently signed for this incredible beast - the DMG Mori DMU-60 eVo Linear 5-axis vertical milling center with FD and Power Skivving and a 24 pallet PH Cell Automation System to keep up with those production jobs that we love so much. "FD" on the eVO Linear makes this one of the fastest, most accurate mill-turn systems in the solar system with a 1200 rpm table. Our eVo Linear is configured with a 20k rpm spindle and 120 tools and is 50% faster and twice as accurate as our already-capable DMU-50 5-axis milling center. Power skivving capabilities on this machine will give our customers access to one of the few gear machine shops in South Carolina. The PH Cell will result in 24-hour a day, lights out manufacturing. We're tooling up the 24 pallets with Schunk workholding consisting of 3 turning chucks, 6 tombstones with 8 vises each and 6 tombstones with 3 vises each - the rest will be decided once we get going.

DMU-60 eVo Linear with PH Cell

This being our first birthday, we decided to treat ourselves to a state of the art turn-mill machine for the butter cream icing on our red velvet cake. Complete with a 3" diameter six-foot bar feeder and automatic unloader, the the DMG Mori NTX-2500 will give us the ability to make those awesome Aerospace parts we are targeting. This bad boy also features a 20,000 RPM B-axis, two turning spindles with Kitamura chucks and a lower turret, which will give us some sweet pinch turning and milling capabilities that not only get the job done faster, but also with an incredible finish. It's like getting the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip! The bar feeder and auto-unloader will keep making chips at 3am when we all should be sleeping.

Mark with the NTX2500
Mark with our new NTX-2500

What good is all the equipment if you can't accurately measure every little nook and cranny of the parts you make? Here's Steven Duarte checking out one of the candidates for our new CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). Steven will be our point-man for all things Quality, and he can't wait to decide which machine to add to our droid army! Having our own CMM will vastly improve our Quality program at RXI - coupled with our ProShop ERP, Keyence IM-7500 and host of other QC tools, RX Industries give our customers the quality assurance needed for medical, aerospace, military and precision industrial machining.

Steven reviewing candidates for RXI's droid army
Steven reviewing candidates for RXI's droid army

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