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The Full Story

At RXI, we are more than just a CNC machining company; we are innovators, pioneers, and craftsmen, driven by a passion for excellence, precision, and honor. Our story is woven from the rich fabric of industrial ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Our Journey

Our founder's fascination with manufacturing began as a young boy, observing the elegant transformation of crude materials into intricate parts within bustling factories. This early exposure ignited a lifelong passion for engineering and led him to pursue a degree in finance and economics, a unique blend that would shape RXI's approach to CNC machining.

After gaining invaluable experience in Wall Street-type work, industrial sales, project management, and machinery building, our founder saw an opportunity to create something extraordinary. With a vision to build a company that would embrace the elegance and efficiency of CNC machining, RXI was born.

Our Mission

RXI's mission is to redefine the boundaries of CNC machining by delivering high-end, reliable aerospace, space, medical, and military machined parts. We strive to be the preferred supplier for key customers like Boeing, Gulf Stream, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others. We are on a path to achieve $20MM annual sales turnover and grow to a 35-strong team in the next 5 to 10 years.

Our Values

We believe in the power of collaboration, not competition. While we recognize global threats like cheaply made products, we see fellow companies in our industry as allies. We all strive for the same goal: to produce the best parts at the best prices.

Every day brings new challenges, technical intricacies, logistical hurdles, and personnel dynamics. Yet, these are not obstacles; they are the essence of our business. The original motivation that sparked RXI is kept alive through our commitment to excellence, honor, and a never-ending pursuit of growth.

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