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The Pulse of Precision – Potential for

Medical Manufacturing with RXIndustries

Shaping the Future Of Diagnostics

Utilizing our precision engineering skills and innovative approach, we can contribute to the development and manufacturing of essential diagnostic equipment, such as parts for MRI machines, CT scanners, and ultrasound devices, just to name a few.


Our proficiency in handling complex geometries and stringent tolerances ensures that every component meets the exact specifications required for accurate diagnoses and patient care. CNC technology not only enhances the efficiency and reliability of equipment, but also facilitates early detection and targeted treatment.


With RX Industries as a partner, medical professionals can leverage cutting-edge technology to transform patient outcomes, making us an invaluable ally in the ongoing pursuit of medical excellence.

Surgery Tools

Surgical Precision Meets Medical Innovation

RX Industries' CNC machining capabilities can play an essential role in the operating room, crafting surgical instruments with unmatched precision.


Our CNC-produced tools, engineered to meet the high tolerances required for critical surgical procedures, encompass a wide array of applications. These include, but are not limited to, forceps, retractors, scalpels, and custom drill guides for bone surgery.


A seamless integration of cutting-edge technology sets RX Industries apart as a pioneer in surgical instrument manufacturing, driving innovation in medical technology.

Crafting Life-Changing
Prosthetics and Dental Solutions

In the hands of RX Industries, our Swiss CNC machines become instruments of positive change. Our skilled team can fabricate prosthetic limbs, creating joints, sockets, and connectors that restore mobility and independence.


In the field of dentistry, our CNC capabilities offer versatile solutions, supporting a wide array of dental applications from implants to prosthetics, all crafted with exacting standards.


Through the seamless integration of technology and patient care, RX Industries enhances lives, delivering precision and quality, one component at a time.

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