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Military & Defense

Strength Meets Accuracy -- Empowering Defense with RX Industries

Precision Engineering for
Air and Space Defense

RX Industries is at the forefront of defense technology and can offer solutions in the CNC machining of missile and rocket components, fighter jet structural parts, and UAV/drone airframes.


We are ITAR Registered, have a current CAGE Code, and are CMMC Level 2 Certified. Our advanced 5-axis milling and precision turning capabilities enable the crafting of intricate casings, heat shields, fins, bulkheads, wings, and landing gear with unparalleled accuracy.


Whether it is the lightweight strength required for fighter jet components, or the precise tolerances needed for drone airframes and rotors, we deliver customized solutions that meet the rigorous demands of military aviation and space defense.

Superior Ground and
Naval Combat Machining

With expertise that allows us to manufacture components for a variety of combat vehicles, RX Industries offers comprehensive CNC machining solutions for ground and naval combat needs.

Our state-of-the-art technology and experience ensures precision aiming control interfaces for armored vehicles and complex shapes for a wide variety of defense applications.

From milling components for nuclear submarines to constructing artillery and weapons systems components, our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation sets the standard for naval and land defense manufacturing.

Innovative Optics,
Sensors, and Aircraft Systems Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge CNC technology, RX Industries is capable of fabricating optics and sensor housings, manufacturing brake parts for aircraft, and machining components for intricate military systems.


Precision engineering ensures the seamless integration of sights, scopes, cameras, and sensors into military applications. Our mill/turn and turn/mill CNC machines produce intricate for aircraft and helicopters, providing unparalleled fit and finish, together with heated, ultrasonic cleaning processes and vacuum formed packaging.


Through high-tolerance CNC work, we offer innovative solutions that enhance overall functionality and reliability. Let RX Industries be a trusted partner for all your Military & Defense needs.

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