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Firearms, Munitions, & Suppressors

Precision in Every Round - Discover the Potential with RX Industries

Precision Firearms
& Components Manufacturing

RX Industries is an FFL 06/07 Licensed and SOT-eligible Manufacturer. We excel in the intricate world of firearms manufacturing, specializing in the CNC machining of gun receivers, frames, barrels, slides, bolts, and sight components.


Our advanced CNC capabilities ensure accuracy and precision. Whether it is machining slides and bolt carriers to close tolerances for smooth cycling or crafting front and rear gun sights that stay zeroed on target, we offer unparalleled solutions that meet the rigorous demands of firearm design and functionality.

Munitions Manufacturing

RX Industries is at the forefront of munitions manufacturing, specializing in the CNC machining of ammunition casings, firearm magazines, artillery shell bodies, and grenade and bomblet components. 


Our capabilities are aligned with the stringent requirements of the munitions industry. Our dedication to excellence, customization, and innovation fosters a new standard in munitions manufacturing.

Customized Solutions
for Suppressors

RXI has the ability to comply with SOT requirements

for suppressor manufacturing. Utilizing advanced 5-
axis milling and precision turning, we can adeptly focus

on the fabrication of suppressor tubes and internal baffles,

meeting the most stringent tolerances.


Our experienced machinists leverage cutting-edge CAD/CAM software to create customized solutions, translating complex geometries into tangible, high-quality products.


We ensure that each suppressor is crafted to perfection, delivering optimal noise reduction without compromising performance. Our commitment to innovation, accuracy, and customization sets the standard for suppressor manufacturing.


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